is intended to supply. That there is no jealousy of this
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Some remarkable cases of recovery from incipient consumption
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courtesies to the family physician and both of which
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reasonable hope of a perfect restoration of all the natural
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sell at three dollars per pint, as an enterprising (?) practi-
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of colony, red. Potato plugs, poor growth, not typical. Cohn*8 solution, spores
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quent and irritating cough with difliculties in respiration
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the lodgement of food and the weakening of the walls a dilatation is
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Hospital was only a little below that seen in St. Bartholomews Hospital
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cal instrument. Messrs. George Tiemann & Co., of
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We next come to the carotid plexus, a brief examination of which
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dissolved, or in a solu4jle state." "Sulphureted antimony was employed
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cases, as follows : One by Keith, after hysterectomy ; two by Thornton,
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1. The hard chancre, has an incubation period of three or four weeks ;
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dose, which is a teaspoonful repeated four or five times during the
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88. Boy with Extroversion of the Bladder, in whom the Ureters had
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water; of the distribution of blood to the surface, of the imbibition of fluids, of
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the appointment of major, surgeon, April 24, 1001 ; Capt. Charles
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performed an operation for appendicitis at the General Hos-
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incision. It seems such an additional risk to the patient to make
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40 feet deep, with 2 wings, each 40 feet wide and 60 feet deep.
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I found out what her trouble was. To my surprise I found this
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directly into the intestine during the operation (McCosh^), after removing
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1897, iv, 216. — Ramoni (A.) Un caso di lussazi(me
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sick fare requiring his services will, as a matter of
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cine. Its effects on the symptoms have as ***'^" — Stommel (Arch. f. Kinderbeil.)
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Inflammations of the parts about the uterus occur very frequently
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pairs, resembling diplococci. The organism is non-motile. Like the
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White Tissue, and of the Hard Tissue round this Cavity. — The appear-
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death-rate was less than 16 per cent., and in the latter
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also for that demanded by rapid growth, a mechanism which neces-
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Scheube.-^" beriberi is mentioned by Strabo and Dion Cassius
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Hospital in December, 1900, with a large swelling that reached from
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tion, I : 1,000. No intercourse of any sort should be
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curator of the Rush Medical College Museum ; in 1884
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conditions and circumstances to be considered. There must