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ing, Jr., Moberly: Glen W. Hendren, Liberty; C. Braxton
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Second. Exception 3 is amended to read as follows :
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F*io. 3. — Enlarged photograph of distribution of blood-vessels along the line of closure
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pounds; was breast-fed; the first stools were said to have been copious,
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B. The City Hospitals, Bay View. (Table Showing Per-
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sion of the A. M. A. Dr. Allee had served on the refer-
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Range of prices, per hundredweight, of cattle at Chicago and Omaha in 1906, t^
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Knight, Lyle B Lees Summit Learning, H. A Joplin Lund, Herluf G St. Louis
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as their personal comfort is concerned. The final inspection of hogs is conducted in
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of Surgical, Hospital and Laboratory equipment and supplies. Featured is a
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of Hanger Limbs is the result of long study and re-
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however, have shown only the absence of front teeth and wasting of
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a small number of farms continue right along to be infected, and the
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in all, the twisted stomach worm in 9, and hookworms in all but 2.
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one organ in a single body cavity, such as the cervical and bronchial glands and the