product on portions of the peritoneum whiih lay in contact
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puram, on March 28th, 1893, suffering from enteric fever.
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The necessary adjuncts to stopping bleeding from this part
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as that found in the organism itself, is no longer consumed in a nor-
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first limch of the patient may be taken, consisting of a glass of milk,
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country ; and Dr. Viallannes, Director of the Zoological
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tlie late George Abram, of Middle Temple Lane, E.C., to Ethel M.iy,
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points out the «rreat redu''tior'= in the Medical Staff" since is.'O mieht have
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There is a large question, which I forbear to discuss-
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cutting directly forwards, this final cutting being vertically
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cold or fatigue, or similar debilitating agencies, predispose to develop
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tion from the fcetal kidneys and skin ; and V.i) from both these
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but also its greatest store of ideas and memories. In starvation the
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ginning as removing the patient to new surroimdings, where not only
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determine exactly the thickness and extent of the tissues
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effect of calcium in promoting vitality : the muscle dies in
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A discussion on Pathogenic Organisms of the Naso-pharynx
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Its earliest symptom is usually pain in the act of defecation, and then,
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against the spinal column. The manner in which a lung becomes
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would also represent St. Mary's, which has had no represen-
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It would seem, therefore, from these facts that a suitable dietary is
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side, and in bad cases this should be at least once an hour, for a bed-
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and distended in only 17. We should remember that the gall-
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practice and to undertake personally to find a suitable cottage,
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Umney— Carter. —On June 20th, at St. George's. Bloomsbury, by the
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the ancient learnings. Harvey had shown a devotion to all
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Palpation. — One of the most valuable signs of the effusion, when it
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rendered diificult. The tenderness, however, in all cases seemed to
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Holmes, Dr John, appointed Medical Officer for the Penkridge District
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The Pedicultts capitis, or common louse, infests persons who are
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employed.. Below are a few instances in which tropacocaine
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Report of Council.— The report of Council stated that in ae-'
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tures of broth and glycerine, or even in pure glycerine for
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flammatory process, occurring in what he calls the precancerous stage.
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necessary one. should in all fairness be provided for by having a certain
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l3y Dr. Alexander Edington, F.R.S.E., the well-known bac-
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.4V \,\y MsSi\K for Itmtancc, to show that the injury is a sprain rather than
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by whom the order of taking papers is arranged ? Every year