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spiral and median nerves of the left arm were involved.
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of the waters. P. Guttmann, Riess, Ktllz, and others
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through the bladder from one opening to the other, and
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Ltr just cited. HD: Wilson files, "Day File, Aug 43."
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A Paper read before the Medical and Surgical Society
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to appreciate the pathological character of this affection. It is not an
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present. The combination of high fever leucocytosis and
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they are the precursors of coma terminating in death. Fatal coma is
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cenary, every effort should be made to discourage them. It is well known
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or pain, and she entirely omitted all other medicines. She conti-
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intestine, the bowel for an inch or two on either side was
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♦ Medical Histories, Vol. III. p. 92. By Dr. Ferriar.
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of location greatly diminished ; tendon reflexes wanting. Arms
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Skoda and Flint. There is a relative broncho-vesicu-
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Hopkins showed that the effect of heat is much more
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Velpeau puts it, " methodically applied myotomy to staphylo-
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and producing trouble. Semi-solid or solid foods give less trouble.
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in 35 dogs. He also reports one case in which a similar
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Acute meningitis, as distinguished from typhoid fever, is characterized by
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operations in this sub-group (lllh) lasted over two hours ; the longest
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and Dr. Fox, the Essex Medical Health Officer, showed how frequent and
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fever appeared with great severity, 35 new cases daily,
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extension in uterine infection following labor or abortion was first
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(2) Flexner-Harris type: attacks glucose, mannite, and dextrin, not lactose; (3) Bacillus
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tractions cease, first of the left, and later of the right ventricle. A second effect
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tion as the least uncertain branch of the healing art. During its first
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(Edema of the glottis may be produced immediately by the
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