cutting into it, found it to be an irregularly shaped mass of bi-
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Brown, J. H. Hydrogen ions, titration, and the buffer index of bacterio-
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barrier is exceedingly efficient, and an intravenous injection of less than
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This organ was large, but not enlarged. There were some
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characteristic of lethargic encephalitis. As the authors have found that
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symptoms from hospital records is so defective as to be of little
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the study of the venous pressure has been neglected. There has
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animals, even although the latter may have acquired a high degree of
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antigen and antibody since the important fact is not that the antibody is
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ill and die. In this case the energy metabolism may noticeably vary, but
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called in to see the case expressed their views, one suggesting syphilis,
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a way as to insure rapid and thorough mixture of its contents. A
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Not only has this admirably lucid account a sound clinical and patho-
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Roily and Paessler later reviewed the subject and seem to admit
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typhoid fever, scarlatina, tonsillitis, tuberculosis, malaria, syphilis, and
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nerve, nervous complications in relapsing fever are rare, transient facial
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although it changes the metabolic rate from 300 to 400 per cent., had
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the whole nervous system, and increase of metabolism, as due to over-
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nuclear exudation combined with the haemorrhagic oedema and emphysema
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nearly complete. Sensation absent on paralyzed side. Complete aphasia.
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able that they produce acid in the body. ^Metabolic studies in
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show that persons with a history of old syphilitic infection may harbour
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destined thereafter to play a large part in the determinations of
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ing an injection, while, as the previous studies of Dochez have
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During this time her lungs became affected, with pain in the
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type of cardiovascular disease than the others. I think it is also
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in all cases. We have decided hypermotility, yet the contractions
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It is realized that the observations on metabolism in the last
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They found that the velocity of conduction of the impulse was constantly
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