and granular appearance are caused by "the venae centrales lobu-
When absorption takes place early, the compressed lung may again
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the forcible compression of the abdomen. Sometimes we may observe
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The epithelium varies in the different portions of this long
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the same modifications, upon change from the upright to the recum-
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Art. II. — Prolonged JExjoiratiooi : its Physical Cause, and
largement of the glands in the neck, axilla, eta, which has taken place
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substance. They therefore use as one control a test made with extracts from
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At length Christianity came, to measure swords with the
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have led the translators to suppose that an English edition of
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time, and already has a greenish color. According to Frerichs^ the
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nor the loss of appetite of fever patients justifies this view* But, as in
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regard to time and temperature is to allow the antigen, antibody and com-
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a screw, for attaching it to the smallest operating shaft, can be
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I then demonstrated that, before all else, empirical knowledge
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monthly to the Central Bureau. The expense of the whole
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process similar to that affecting the liver. But, that part of the splenic
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decide whether it be indeed cancer that has recovered or the remains
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diarrhoea usually comes on ; thirst is almost unquenchable ; the skin
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opening, through which it is often almost impossible to pass the tip of
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Of the 135 admitted at less than a year, 52 were discharged
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erated from the pressure of the air enclosed in the vesicles, should be-