members of his staff should have died, or that Colonel Brown of the

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Constituents. — 1, a fixed oil ; 2, a resin ; 3, tannic acid.

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ammonium carbonate, or a solution of sodium carbonate.

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Stimulation of the cerebral motor centres is shown by motor

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iew interrupted circles of projecting wood bundles, dis-

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and occasional injections of arg. nit. gr. iij. to § i. aquae, were or-

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hotels, and several of them entertained the members at their houses

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instance, can gain no light, and arc obliged, perforce, to learn the

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perhaps the best remedy for canker of the ear in dogs (otitis

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in large quantities over an extensive surface. It is much

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and the decks carefully scraped and washed by fatigue parties under

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may disappear that this noble tree is nearly exterminated,, and suf-

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Dr. Holmes reported a case oi placenta prcevia. When he was call-

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alleged injuries to limbs or joints ; and 20 per cent, for some kind

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pain. Abdomen tympanitic, and very tender to the touch. Applied

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ties. 6h o'clock, another, lasting four minutes. At filteen minutes

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the continuous administration of the bromides. This condi-

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were defeated, and the force entered the town of Kinston at about

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manner and for the same purposes, but with the following

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recurrence of convulsions or tetanic condition. Death takes

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avoirdupois ounce contains 437 grains ; the Troy ounce

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we send them back to slavery, as some of their self-styled '^inJuIgent^^

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pnoea, feeble pulse and failing respiration. In an experiment

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years or more, and to whose house he had come to make a visit of

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republishing. It was reported by Dr. Newman, President of Ihe St,

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materials such as the world has never before seen, in the midst of the overwhelm-

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are frequently seen on raucous surfaces when covered by morbid

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tutional vice — and that these diseases are not to be subdued by the

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perience proves exactly the reverse, and maybe expressed, if deduced

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by filtration, and the filtrate evaporated to dryness. The

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ccrcbrnin, we found in the cerebellum a tumor rcstinc: on the inter-

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f -aid books shall always be open to the inspection of the Mayor and

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cutaneous character, so as to reach to a higher point within the canal,

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Dr. L.iWRE.NCE had been in the habit of relying upon Fowler's solu-

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and general blood pressure. (3) The activity of the

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stages — the stimulant and ausesthetic — there sometimes

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ance in veterinary medicine which it possesses in human

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