are to be called eczema, and others not. But the production of eczema

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cylindrical form. The gregarious bee, crowded on every side by its

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drips with perspiration as he makes an abortive attempt to sign his name.

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preparations on the skin may lead to hypertrichosis. For reasons stated

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treatment. The skin, being afterwards well detached subcutaneously, can

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but it often predominates on the side of the severer contractions. Some-

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(as in the matter of treatment), it is not unimportant to distinguish

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the hair from his head. The superstition is that when the

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Dreams are often horrible and terrifying, patients sometimes saying that

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muscles of the face may subsequently extend its range so as to involve

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had been a good school for him, for there he had witnessed

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r-,,^ H«HHHn»NG«INH I-H C*j i-l i-H CO CO "* CM CO CO

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which we have ourselves least. The ugly man knows his

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blood is taken for plasma, as described in paragraphs

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Put the powder in a dry mortar; grind with a pestle;

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mere solution of continuity ; or, if so, that the feeding and the other means

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who described the process in an oration delivered to "a sol-

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the blood filling the stomach (middle intestine) of the mosquito into the

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if there be restless sleeplessness I give sulphonal or trional in moderate

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born no further back than the last year of the last century,

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the basis of most of these : sensations of weight, pressure, want of

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tions as mycosis fungoides, which is dealt with elsewhere (p. 884), the

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the student of human nature must be sincerely grateful for

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The caricature of Abernethy with which Theodore Hook

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extension. An attempt at ankle clonus — a few short irregular jerks —

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progress, which is often the best that can be attained ; remembering that

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Vienna, 1892 (Brit. Joum. Derm. 1892, p. 318). — 28. Idem. Brit. Joum. Dermat.

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size of small coins the term P. nummularis is used ; and if the patches,

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majority of the cases there are five different lesions present. These are : —

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patterned rashes. Berg records such cases (vide art. " Serum Rashes ").

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(e) In order to determine the second at which the clot is

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mental life in individuals on the other, we now pass on to a consideration

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in young children, as was first noted by Clarke and by Kellie in the

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in a word, the inscrutable mystery of our being! — a secret,

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bers parted company. The barber was taken from the sur-

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