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or not their medical officers are to be debarred from private

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means of diagnosis, and, within recent times, to measures for

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complete breach of contract with all civil servants serving in-.

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epitlielioma, and it has been described by Soudakewitch, Foa,

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his return home he continued well for ten days ; tliere was

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fixed in tlie pelvis, and an abdominal tumour made out.

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with a felicitous courtesy and a thoughtful recognition of the

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First E:rnmina1inn—0f ."(.5 candidates, the following 2t passed: W.

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can laws on the subject had been published by the mi-dical

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Belben, F., L.R.C. P.Lond. Macnaughton-Jones, H., L.R.C.P.

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habitual mode of high living. This second attack of diabetes lasted, with

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under Section II should be discontinued," that is to say,

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of introducing into the rectum an extremely condensed liquid

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Olive, E. J. P., M.D.t'antab., F.R.C.S.Eng., appointed a Senior ^(fnse-

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the tube which carries them into the body-cavity. A little

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reductiou of 2(i per cent, on the fares. These may be so arranged as to

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substantiated, and sums up the case by saying: "We know

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be sent straight to the registrar, and a small fee to the medi-

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disease, for hernia of the organ through a penetrating wound,

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to all concerned that the theatre is now in as complete a

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did not consist of abuse of the medical profession, was de-

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and round, and faeces must have passed through it with ease.

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2,180 men and boys. Sixty-seven cases occurred amongst

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the amount of voluntary contractions is not necessarily a

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was recognised, and the further spread at once arrested by

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