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City Laboratory. — Inspection of the laboratory records shows that
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2. Cases of Typhoid Cholecystitis Ending in Recovery. J. M.
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this idea to you. I was once visiting a medical gentleman who
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3 p. m., after normal labor, at the end of the fourth pregnancy. The baby
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2. Double vision, in some part or other of the field of fixation, exists
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inflammation ; and he may take ten grains of Bromide of Potash at
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come to the conclusion that New York is a better place than
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entertain the upper world and give full reign to human passions.
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small doses, it has been strongly recommended as a nauseant
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perimetritis. 2. All non-acute uterine inflammations. 3. Chronic
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ing of the aorta. Perforating ulcer of the stomach is an occasional
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the less intelligent (or less moral) members (corpora) will ship-
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These de Paris, 1881. — 26. Flechsig. Arcldv f. Heilkunde, 1878, vol. xix. p. 53.
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this idea to you. I was once visiting a medical gentleman who
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We are thus led to the conclusion that the causation of uraemia is to be
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of autolysis taking place in control tubes. This sum was rarely
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blood-agar plate there is a clear zone containing no pigment. Another point
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redness and swelling of the fauces and tonsils, and difficulty
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usually in the smaller bronchi, and in the lobules of the lung.
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Member of the Epidemiological Society of London. London:
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