* Reprinted from University of Toronto Medical Journal.


side the human body before entering it. The virus, which under

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duct. The organic lesions giving rise to peritoneal exudations are

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ally of fingers and toes, and that the skin became glossy and the seat of

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two or three hours or even longer. The temperature before the fastigium

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It is also the case in catarrh and in cancer of the organ.


deposited, gives rise to irritation of the tissues, which is followed by small-

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mares ; to which he adds, that there were in the pro-

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made of volvulus of the caecum or sigmoid flexure. The vomiting follows

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closely set over the whole surface. For descriptions of these changes

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or both parents were phthisical in 342, giving a proportion of 28 - 4.

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standardized by making mixtures with var>-ing quantities of toxin in

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seasonal and non-seasonal incidence; the following table adapted from

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the disease is primary. The symptoms are never characteristic, and,

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rapid, flutters, and finally fails, and the patient dies.

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few horfes, which, in general, are weaker than others.

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progressive muscular atrophy, heart disease, nephritis, trichinosis, etc.

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and the granulatino- surface does not grow through it as with the

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symptom it is not generally attended with immediate danger and subsides almost

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referred to, thermic fever, or, as it is sometimes called, heat-apoplexy, heat-

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Good bright light should be widely distributed in the room in which

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217. Of the efficacy of fea-water for the cure of cutaneous

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cussed around him. Then the food. The days when consumptives

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tration of the poison was not followed by periosteal changes, unless he

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coated tongue; much nausea; much vomiting of dark bilious material;