most serious and the most important. "Death may result from the in-
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flict of disease. To promote this work the Robert Dawson Evans
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creased prostration constitute a group of features that should serve to
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but must be kept up longer than in the maniacal condition. Cardiac
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nation. The loss of vision aifects both eyes, and is usually partial {am-
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nervous state that reacts most favorably upon the circulatory organs,
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Treatment. — The symptoms resulting from portal congestion, due to
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Sex. — Females are most frequently attacked, and probably in two-
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tion-rub. Percussion gives at first an exaggerated tympanitic note.
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etiology. — Perirenal abscesses, when not traumatic in origin, de-
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Richardson, Frank C, M.D. Nervousness As a Habit . . . . . . 960