nected with the femoral artery, opposite the common iliac, in which
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where it is never hot; where it is never cold; where the
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where necessary tracheotomy and intubation are to be enter-
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Prussian-blue reaction. Then follow repeated irrigations with ferro-
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obtained lower down on the same side, allowing for the normal topo-
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Sir William Broadbent* says : " While, however, cold sponging, the
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dition weakens the cardiac walls and leads to dilatation of the ventri-
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fide in it sincerely when it comes out triumphantly from a
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The most recent authoritative statement is contained in the report of
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condition, and of those symptoms that do appear the physical signs are
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rationale upon which it is based is thoroughly mastered.
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by heat applied to them, it follows that the thread-like capillary must
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the favorable influence upon the heart depends upon the same factors.
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all four extremities, has now fully recovered his health and will shortly be dis-
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muscular tremors and athetoid movements may appear. Both pupils
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Diet now on a Scientific Basis — Study the Individual — Idiosyncrasies
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also result in compression, and finally in the destruction of pulmonaiy
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are nearing or i)assing the meridian of life, as well as sym])toms
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troubles. Men who appreciate the horrors of the situation
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Sexial XEijiAsTHEXiA. — Scxual Neurasthenia is an inipov-
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ance of the centres governing the formation and dissipation of heat.
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out the fundamental difference between these related forms. Smith and
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then 3 years old, being one of the first attacked in ^fadrid. Tiie
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(2) Pneumonia. — This affection may be complicated with a meningitis
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influence upon secretion and excretion, seem to be the factors which
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repeated ; in many instances, however, this stage is bo^h protracted and
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pgr rectum if it cannot be accomplished by the mouth. In typical
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Indeed, the temperature may be subnormal, and these cases may show
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receive proper attention from the beginning, provided the patient be
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urine is secreted in considerable quantity should this procedure be
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exported to England by sailing vessels, the trip consuming,
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is there not a scabies, or something like that, behind, which allows
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systematically for myself. No one who has done this, following the
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auto-intoxication, caused by poisonous ptomaines, alkaloids,
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