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A carefully conducted po^'f wn)7(i/; examination would in all probability

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don Throat Hospital, l'U4, Great Portland Street, 8 p.m.—

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■ Miller that the Incas borrowed the eyes of these animals, with what

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patient is let alone, the symptoms subside in the course of

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an article in the Birmhigha7n Baity Gazette, March 23rd, that

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exceeded by 1.1 the rate recorded in London, which was 19.0 per

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Stephenson (J. B.). Notes on Medicinal Remedies. 1893.

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cannot therefore take the outcry of a few antivaccinationists

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TRErHOWAN, William, M.B., CM. Aberd., appointed House-Surgeon to the

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ing it out, the sponges being changed from time to time, and

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into hieroglyphs), and into German. There are also elaborate

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nerve elements directly or indirectly, lowering their function

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April itth to l.5th. Twenty-one oases, mostly adults.

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soon as the diagnosis was made should be seriously con-

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The widow of Professor Ball has been appointed lady in-

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minutes after I looked in upon him to see how he was, and

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my care in May last, where a man had fallen from a consider-

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8 :« P.M. — Mr. C. B Loikwood: Laparotomy in Cases of

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directly transformed.— Dr. P, McBridb showed a case of

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by the graduation ceremonial. Among the honoraiy nates were the

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constantly occurring ; hospital extensions may be needed ; a

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The interview then concluded with an expression of thanks

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man, Westminster Hospital ; F. W. Chesnaye, St. George's Hospital ■

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No doubt if medical officers obtained promotion compara-

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were properly and efliciently discharged. It would probably

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: any causal connection exists between cholera and leprosy, the

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for qualifications in sanitary science, public health, or ^tate medicine :

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Twining, A. H.,M.D.Durh.,M.R.C.S., D.P. H.Cantab., reappointed Medical

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Nine years ago the Lee Conservancy and the water company

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From a special local inquiry which we have made, we have

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genital tract directly after labour, as I considered it was not at all suffi-