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the substance begins and ends sooner in the nerves than the
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from the blade, is flat ; for the rest of the distance it is round. The
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care and attention from our surgeons. I have seen men from almost
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service since our arrival at Nowbern for disability.
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noea, which graduall}^ increased, however, until 6i, P.M. (9 hours' in-
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liave I been convinced of any curative action, so that at present I
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ing out). And if, now, as we havo before said, any lenticular cataract
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— We condense from the American Medical Times the following ac-
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tliat in all instances of our typhus and typhoid fever, purn^atives
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bonates and ammonia precipitate morphine and narcotine.
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to the operator will not, even in Kurope, outweigh the many other
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a limb whenever it is possible to do so ; but when the attempt proves
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possess. Sodium sulphate is the principal ingredient of
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use of opiates, and fomentations to the abdominal surface, constitut-
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teen grains to the ounce. If the desired effect is not produced, he in-
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cooling. A 95 per cent, solution of carbolic acid crystals,
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cacuanha. In about three weeks he exhibited marked symptoms of
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a most irritating and caustic drug, in the dose of 1 3
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hours. Neither ecchymoses nor sloughing occur after the
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tologists as well as distinguished botanists recognize the cryptogamic
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Latham, are as follows: — 1st, weakness and attenuation ; 2d, weak-
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ments, save No. I., hypermanganate of potash was used.
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not stand such a rigid diet as the foregoing. These ani-
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been the seat of an extensive inflammatory process. The most distinct
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marked that the patient heard them, and would produce them at
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cords, tUo remains of obliterated, or nearly obliterated, blood-
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in the febrile attacks is characteristic of malaria, an absolute
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months; althougli in the adjoininji; township it ha?', durin.ij: the last
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Constituents. — 1, a volatile oil, 1^-4: per cent. ; 2, a resin,
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burning taste, and permanent in the air. Soluble in 19i