the mouth, and there is febrile movement. Dread of water is no test of
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quired a different and more favorable course than that followed
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the conclusion that this fall is due to direct mechanical interfer-
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doubts respecting the truth of the explanation afforded by Sir
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of disease of the kidneys afforded by albuminuria, general dropsy, and per-
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globules. Coma and paralysis in cases of cerebral hemorrhage, embolism,
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of clear protoplasm (fig. 17, ipb). Besides the pores traversed
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of small blisters, dry -cupping, sinapisms, and stimulating liniments. Ano-
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lity, but an inability to use words. The term aphakia (a(^aot?, speechless-
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planation, which perhaps is sufficient to account for the fact, has been
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cases, the opening was large enough to receive the end of a
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and continued for a week or ten days. Of the foregoing list of remedies,
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however, of my connection with the New Orleans School of Medicine, I
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in his hands, a cure was effected by this remedy in 26 of 42 cases. The
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articles of food containing principles necessary for the normal constitu-
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seems to be the opinion of most physicians at present, that they
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ganghon cell on ground of his own method. Bethe, who demon-
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resembling saliva, supposed to be the pancreatic secretion, has been
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into the fine (capillary) veins; that it passes ""in wards from these
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younger, contained cells of rather uniform size and appearance (fig.
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Held (18) came to the conclusion that on the surface of certain
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it is in continuity, and corresponds to them in nature and
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occasionally convulsions, are other S3'mptoms denoting severity of the
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The fibers of the nervus intermedins leave the gangUon at its
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and Bock (^15). In all cases the nitrogen was estimated by
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laterals pass to the trigeminal motor nucleus and to some smaller cells situated
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formation about the relative amounts of several important brain
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