22d. The pain and difficulty of respiration were less than at any pre-
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group, that is, a serum produced from one of them protected
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occurrence in the body excretions, especially in disease, naturally
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pigments. These facts are not known, but an indication of the
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of the same cause. This view of the matter is supported in a very
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camphor liniment, you Avill have a powerful remedy, and one, which when ap-
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favourable to conception; June, July, August, October, September, and May the
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Justi. Urobilin in Tropical Practice, Zent. f. die ges. inn. Med., 1912, ii, 694.
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directed to the true seat of disease. Andral says, that in some cases of arach-
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encephalitis is related to other infections, like pertussis, enteritis,
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ing the operation was performed, in the presence, and with the assistance of
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temperature was 98.9°, the pulse 108. On her next two visits
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propriety of the position taken by the army in this matter; the figures
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to the sages who regulate our medical institutions to inquire into the matter;
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(local and sometimes general), regulation of diet,* elimination,
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strength, and the mortality 8 i)er 10,000 of the cases. In Nova Scotia and
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till after thirty-two days from the date of the infliction of the injury. The part
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X American Journ. Med. Sci., February, 1838, p. 519.
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I have now given you a brief sketch of the three varieties of apoplexy, be-
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drainage of the gall-bladder, pyloroplasty, gastroenterostomy,
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six times daily. On November 5, leukocytes had increased to
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decidedly different position from those representing the syphilitic
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resulted from causes not connected with the operation? We know
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(c) Review of z-ray interpretation of plates in 98 cases of clini-
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tliat came under my view, I met with accidentally, and to most of
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Physical Examination. Medium-sized, under nourished man. Seems
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made photographs in the prone position of all our patients, we
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are almost equal, over 40 per cent, dying in each of these ways,
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long tolerance of anginoid pain. In each of these men, this w r as the
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areas of cystic degeneration are quite uncommon. Sarcomatous
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signed to that oblivion which has shrouded those of our predecessors. That
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of 129,000 poor women; that in 1781 every sixth child died within nine days
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her senses, she found she had entirely lost the power of moving her left