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examination and cultivation that acute endocarditis may be caused di-

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by those cases in which prolonged obstruction was suddenly removed

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bles, and troubles of a pigmentous kind are common among

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mences in advanced cases at 79° or 80° F., reducing the temperature

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itary tuberculosis in cattle also corroborate this dictum : but as the

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ho be to quickly rccogiiize the acute toxic thyroid sym])toms en-

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Troup Maxwell, of Florida, — a little boy, from a railroad

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claim that infection may result from moist particles thrown off in

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writers who have studied the question belie\e that the epidemic

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companion Thomas G. Morton still lives, having served as

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tions for the use of strychnine and phosphorus. He is quite explicit

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potassium may be given with colchicum. With kidney lesions,

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unlike that produced by glandular enlargement, while the intestinal coils

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Clinical History. — The modes of invasion are quite diverse, but

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in which her mother was also a nurse. She began to lose flesh while at

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more common in the warm than in the cold months, most epidemics.

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on any ordinary medium except potato. It resembles Koplik's bacillus.

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their homes and families; these, too, must be provided for. Domestic

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75° is reached. The duration should not exceed one minute in the

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Reasoning from what we have said in regard to the blood-

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The same effect was noticed in chronic meningitis, apoplexies re-

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way into every practitioner's hands and that more intelligent

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culation and respiration. Urine was increased, though sometimes

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the patient is entirely surrounded by the hot air streaming upon him.

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turned under the soil. Where a soil becomes sick as to nitro-

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pend upon nerve action, and no other remedy is capable of altering

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degrees from the horizontal line, flexing the thighs at right angles with

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reacting patient may, by perseverance and proper adaptation of the*

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fewer cases occur, and when it fiills to a low level or below the mean

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temperature of 150°-300° C. in order to get the best results.

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Dr. Wilson* reports four hundred and eight cases treated by syste-

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The Master of Communication Disorders Degree Program

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number of sprayings per diem is gradually lessened, so that by the seventh

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Although this treatment is claimed as a strict (?) Brand method, the

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diet than she did on a full diet plus thyroid treatment.

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out being itself much elevated, and giving off heat without losing itself

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plication, and both ended in recovery. It is thought to be associated

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any great degree. The separate papules are, perhaps, somewhat smaller

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disinfected, may meet in sewers all the conditions favorable to the growth

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utilized more frequently. While the most active hydriatric procedures

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but think there is some inherent weakness in our young trees