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CEE Finney (Dublin Jour, of the Med. Sci., Jan. i, 1902).

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. the formation of gallic acid was a true fermentation in Pasteur's

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Although there is little, if any, adulterated whiskey to be met

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for testing liver function should be thoroughly studied, with the

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strated in isolated liver-cells. Vircliow, Rindfleisch, Bottcher, and others,

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Robertson '^ refers to those substances which exert a local sialo-

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the diseases of the e^^e, ear, nose and throat, or the sinuses

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The result is anaemia, and the imperfect or retarded

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pectoris, with restlessness and dyspnoea. Tachycardia, palpitation, and

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When compressed lightly, it appeared to diminish in

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Censors— Harris F. Brownlee, M.D., George H. Noxon, M.D., Darien,

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those cases the period of healing was shortened. The

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course. Man appears to be immune. It occurs among ordinary

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Provided, That nothing in this section shall be construed to pre^'ent a person

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ience of the Streptococcus pyogenes, and tlie clinical

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Etudes de Clinique Chirurgieale, Annee 1890-91. Par A. Le

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of twenty-three years. Three years before, eczema sebor-

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be said, and said with truth, that although the war is ended, there are still so

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1877 Tweedy, John, Professor of Ophthalmic Medicine

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most distressing feature of the first few days following a laparotomy.

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There is just one phase of Dr. Sidbury's paper upon which I

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sure one's self that some other condition was not the real