w^as disposed, except under serious circumstances, to leave them alone ;
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deepest interest ; but, though the theory was a plausible one, he did not
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of punishment has expired are not afterwards to be considered as crimi-
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and the circular ridge of Wales. Instead of districts coloured red, we
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the two sides, and in the remaining cases the temperature was not noted.
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he did not vote for the amendment. He considered that the Bill was
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banc. I gave him the quinine, and he begged me, in return, to accept
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springing from the right ovary. No untoward symptoms followed the
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peninsula towards its more central localities. The mean annual mor-
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We have to express our thanks for their letters and communications to Dr. Styrap,
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the stage of active elimination from the blood through the mucous
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Naval Medical Service. — The following questions were submitted to the candi-
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The following is the report of the Liverpool Fever Hospital for the
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Club became established in premises of a sufficiently convenient and
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Pnvat, and others. It was three days after the fighting ; and it was
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Staff-Assistant-Surgeon Temple, Woolwich; Mr. Baker, York ; The Secretary of
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ment, 25th. Surgeon : applications, 17th ; appointment, 25th. Resident Medical
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and arguing, on grounds which we think scarcely less certain, that these
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I thought it fair and right that the medical profession, with its many
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myopia would not be considered a disqualification, provided it did not necessitate the
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